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Unveiling the Ultimate Wedding Entertainment Experience with DJ services and Photo Booths

Updated: May 13

If the title of this article has attracted you, odds are that you’re preparing for an upcoming wedding.  Congratulations!  We know that much of the time preparing for a wedding focuses on the venue and the bridal party. However, an equally important aspect is planning the entertainment.

It’s only natural to want your wedding to be spoken of for years to come. With the help of services like DJs and photo booths, this can easily be accomplished.  The following will touch on current wedding entertainment trends and the roles and benefits of professional DJs. We will also discuss how adding photo booths will create the memorable wedding you have always envisioned.

Current Wedding Entertainment Trends

One of the biggest trends for weddings in 2024 is having an interactive experience. And, one that is more personalized throughout the wedding reception.  We’ve come a long way from the more reserved celebrations of past decades!  In this technological age, we should use what is at our disposal. 

Enhancing the wedding experience with technology will only become more popular as the years go on. For example, using drones for videography and photography is becoming more popular.  

It is sometimes assumed that technology makes the experience less personal.  This is not the case.  If used properly, it can create an intimate and meaningful moment shared between the couple and their families and friends.  Isn’t that what weddings are all about?

The Role of DJ Services

Music is one of the most important components of wedding receptions; it sets the tone throughout the event! The right DJ will curate the perfect playlists for each unique couple and celebration.  

It’s important to have a combination of sentimental, celebratory, and energy-provoking music throughout the night.  Not only that, but it’s essential for the DJ to read the room and the energy levels throughout the night.  This will ensure the proper songs are played at the correct time to augment the experience.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional DJ

These days, there are more ways to play music than ever. It's not like you don't have options! You may be at the point of wondering what advantages there are to hiring a professional DJ.  We commend you for doing the proper research!  The main benefits of hiring a professional DJ over a more amateur artist or DIY option include the following:

Personalization of Music Selection

Professional DJs know that the music they play at events is not merely a playlist of their favorite songs. Neither should it be a playlist made up of only songs that are currently trending.  One of the most important parts of how they prepare is to know who you are. This includes who you are both as individuals and as a couple. 

They take into consideration what would be appropriate music for the night’s theme. Assessing who your guests are (age range, music tastes, etc) is also important.  It won’t be enjoyable if every song is unidentifiable by the majority of the guests!

Of course, DJs are open to suggestions! They welcome songs that you consider to be in the “must be played” category.  It’s a bit of a team effort at the beginning as the DJ discovers who they’re catering the music to.  This is all worth it once you witness everyone dancing the night away, having a good time.

Seamless Transitions Between Songs

Have you ever been dancing to music, just to have the music stop abruptly in between songs?  Perhaps this even turns into an awkward intermission as the next song is found. If that doesn’t disrupt the fun of the party, we don’t know what does.  Professional DJs know how to avoid such lulls in the music. They can be trusted to know the perfect songs to play for seamless transitions.

Interacting with Guests, Handling Requests, and Ensuring a Great Time

Adding a song request to the music lineup is more than simply playing it at the next opportunity.  It is important to create a build-up to the requested song rather than playing it immediately.  For example, some DJs may play one of the requested songs when they notice a certain energy in the room.

Are people dancing to something upbeat? If so, it wouldn’t be the best time to suddenly play a song more suitable for a slow dance.  However, has the music been providing non-stop opportunities for lively dancing? Then, perhaps, giving everyone a moment to catch their breath may be exactly what they need.  (They can use this moment to see if any of the photo booths are free!  “What photo booths?”  Continue reading to find out)!

Adding Photo Booths to Your Wedding

Earlier, we mentioned the growing popularity of using drones throughout the wedding.  This may be the perfect solution for some.  However, there is another option that has fewer repercussions on the ecosystem.  All the while, it has an equally meaningful impact- photo booths! 

We don’t mean the antique photo booths we may remember from our local shopping centers, either.  Digital booths such as the 360° booth and the roamer booth give guests an entirely new photography experience.

Advantages of Having a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great form of wedding entertainment!  They can be even more vital if guests are a tad more camera-shy when taking professional photos. Or, if children wish to partake in more of the fun.  (Getting the younger guests to stay still long enough to get a quality photo can be difficult).

Using photo booths is a great solution!  It becomes a more enjoyable experience and thanks to instant prints, they can immediately see how great they look.  As a bonus, these prints are great keepsakes and can be cherished for many years.

Photo booths are also a great icebreaker!  It is common for some guests not to know any of the other attendees.  Perhaps they should take a few photos in a photo booth together using one of the themed props. Or maybe a personalized backdrop, and/or digital overlay will do the trick! We’re sure that they will be more at ease and have fun interacting with other guests in no time. For example, the 360 XL Photo Booth is large enough for 3 to 6 people. This offers a great opportunity for everyone to join in on the fun and share in some laughs.

Choosing the Right DJ and Photo Booth Services

It may seem like a simple task, but a few things should be considered while choosing the right DJ. The same applies when selecting a Photo Booth Services provider.  For example, when selecting a DJ, be sure to choose the correct type of DJ.  Some DJs solely provide a musical experience, while others can double as an emcee.

No matter who you land on, be sure to ask them questions about their previous experience and knowledge.  You want to make sure that what they offer aligns with what you’re looking for.  Do they have an adequate number of years of experience? Do they offer packages, or use a certain grade of equipment? No matter what, don’t settle for the first DJ that comes your way without doing research!  The same applies to those offering photo booth services.  

Remember, good customer service should begin before a company is even hired. 

Do you feel like the process is being rushed or you’re not being listened to properly? Listen to your intuition! Do not stop searching until you feel confident about who you’ve chosen.

It's perfectly okay to not be knowledgeable of what makes a DJ reputable. Nor, what makes a photo booth service trusted.  This is when the help of an event coordinator can make all the difference.  Some companies, like Utah Jive, assign a coordinator to help with the planning.  This will ensure that everything is up to your standards and remains organized. There is always an open line of communication in case of any questions or concerns. This can't be taken for granted on such a big day!

If there is ever an emergency, we offer a guarantee of our services to ensure a smooth experience for all.  Weddings are a hectic and potentially stressful time as it is. The last thing we would want is to put a damper on your special day!

Attention To Detail Makes All The Difference

This includes choosing the entertainment services that provide the most enjoyment to your guests.  Photobooths and DJ services offer unforgettable wedding experiences for all. Believe us when we say that you do not want to miss out on the memories they help to create.

There is much to plan, organize, and keep straight throughout the wedding season. Get a head start by allowing Utah Jive to take a few things off your to-do list and mind!  By taking care of the entertainment services early, you’ll be able to focus on other preparations with ease of mind.

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