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Celebrate Pride With Utah Jive

As a leading provider of photo booth rentals and DJ services, celebrating love in all forms is what Utah Jive loves to do.  In fact, from weddings to parties of all sizes, we do it year-round!  If you want to make the most of Pride Month this year, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s time to celebrate pride with Utah Jive!

Pride Event Ideas

One of the hardest parts of celebrating pride month is deciding on the kind of event you wish to hold.  There are so many options!  Some may be a bit more relaxed such as a Pride-themed trivia night, a brunch, hosting an LGBTQIA+-owned business fair, or a discussion/workshop with additional entertainment.

Others, such as a Pride block party, a parade (both for humans and pets), a 5k walk/run, or a dance party can be a bit more, shall we say, energetic.  The type of gathering you host may depend on the number of people available in attendance but setting the event up for success is important no matter what.

Music For The Occasion

No matter what type of event/party you decide to throw, music and dancing are a must for all celebrations!  This is why booking a DJ is highly recommended.

While adding even more energy may not be critical for such celebratory circumstances, professional DJs know exactly what to play and when to play it to keep the party going.  Trust us when we say you can never go wrong with having music lined up for any event.

Capture The Moment

While the memories from such special events will last forever in everyone’s minds, it’s important to have these moments saved in physical and digital formats too!  With the addition of our photobooths, guests experience even more entertainment throughout the event.  They will also be able to leave with a few keepsakes!


Printing booths, digital booths, mosaic booths, and even green screen services are all available to better suit your event and its theme.  An assortment of backdrops, props, prints for each guest, and unlimited sessions are also provided as services.

Photo Strips

Utah Jive also offers customized photo strips with the option to text or email the link of images.  Each one can be designed specifically to complement your needs!

Are you having a hard time deciding on which one to choose?  You can also opt for one of the many pre-made photo strips. There is certainly a design and style for anyone and any branch of theme you have in mind.


As mentioned above, we have a wide selection of both non- and pride-specific props for you to choose from.  We’re sure you already have this aspect all planned out, but it is a great option if you want to supplement the props you may already have.

Plus, having extra props never hurt! One prop has the potential to make all the difference for one of the patrons.  Props often spark people’s creativity and enable them to let loose.  (Even if it’s just a bit more than usual).  They’re definitely worth the consideration for your event.  We have many themed prop boxes that we can incorporate into any party- be sure to ask us about them!

Utah Jive Will Celebrate Pride For Many Years To Come

This month, Utah Jive was invited to celebrate with Ancestry at this year's pride lunch celebration. Working with companies that embody the ideas and acceptance of others is humbling for every single one of us. The smiles and laughter that resulted from these events can be seen in the photos and videos of the occasion.  They are truly what joy is all about and offer another reminder of why our services are so important.

If you’re looking for programs that offer and build a healthy LGBTQIA community, check out Utah Pride Center.  Utah Jive has worked with them during their celebrations of the pride community by bringing our photo booths to their events. They are always welcoming and you instantly know that you will have a great time!

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