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Our People

When it comes to planning your special event, we understand that you only want to work with the best and most highly qualified people in the business. Our team of skilled entertainers and event planners know just what to do to make your event memorable.

DJs & Emcees

Jesse Tomlinson

DJ & Emcee

Jesse has been a professional DJ throughout Utah for more than 14 years.  With hundreds of events under his belt, Jesse has experience DJ’ing all types of weddings, school dances, corporate events, emcee events, bridal shows, and more.  His passion for music keeps him on his toes and his fun personality will make your party a hit.  If you are looking for a fun DJ with a laid back personality and a keen ear for great music, then Jesse would be a great fit for your event.

Stephen Poole

DJ & Emcee

Steve is driven by a desire to surpass your expectations and to make your special night as memorable as possible.  No matter what you and your guests want to hear, Steve is prepared with music from every decade to get the dance floor moving. His exceptional attention to detail and wide range of musical knowledge make him well-suited to a variety of events. As both a practiced DJ and dedicated musician, Stephen can meet your needs by exceptional song selection and a fun-loving personality.

Felix Salomone

DJ & Emcee

If you’re looking for a DJ that can do more than just play songs through some speakers, then look no further! Felix has a passion for music combined and an ability to connect with people that helps ensure a fun and exciting atmosphere for any type of event. Felix’s friendly personality makes it easy for people of all ages to connect with him. Felix’s taste in music is all over the map, from Top 40 radio hits to Country to Indie. Regardless of what type of event you’re throwing, Felix will be able to put together the perfect playlist! Felix will go out of his way to make sure your events needs are met and everyone has an enjoyable time!

Looking for someone that’s bilingual? Although you’d probably never know the difference, Felix grew up in South America and is capable of preforming in both English and Spanish.  Bailemos!

Keith Allen

DJ & Emcee

Keith brings more than ten years of DJ experience to the Utah Jive team.  If you’re looking for a DJ who can play all the right songs for your special occasion, then Keith’s your guy. Keith is always willing to bend over backwards to make sure your event is memorable, fun, and personalized just to your taste.  If you’re looking to bring extra energy and excitement to your event then Keith will be a perfect fit. With his wide range of music  expertise, Keith is sure to put together the perfect playlist regardless of what type of event you’re throwing.

Marko G.

DJ & Emcee

With an extensive background as a musician and music producer, Marko G. has the experience and expertise to know what style of music will best suit your event. Creating the right mood and environment is Marko’s ultimate goal. Marko’s experience goes well beyond just being able to choosing the right songs for any type of event.

Marko has a wide range of music to choose from including Classic Love Songs from all decades, classic Jazz, 70’s Disco, Modern Alternative, Pop Dance and EDM. Whatever your musical tastes are, Marko will gladly help you create the type of environment you and your guests are looking for to have a memorable event.

Nate Hunter

DJ & Emcee

When you’re planning an event that needs to be upbeat, exciting, and most important flexible enough to accommodate for anyone’s taste of music, Nate is the DJ for you. A natural in the spotlight and extremely outgoing, Nate loves to provide entertainment both on the microphone and on the dance floor.

When it comes to a quality DJ, you want someone that is quick on their feet and has the ability to play the “right stuff”. Nate has all of the right qualities and the personality to match. With a fun playful personality and the ability to play the hits of today and the classic oldies that never go out of style, Nate is sure to make your event memorable and enjoyable up to the last song.

Nic Bennion

DJ & Emcee

Nic brings a great work ethic and attention to detail to Utah Jive. He is the definition of a people pleaser. He wont stop until things are just the way you like it. Nic is great on the microphone and your guests will instantly fall in love with his fun personality.

Nic’s taste in music is all over the map. You can find Nic jamming to the Top 40 hits of today, good old Rock and Roll, country classics, and those hits that never die. Nic has the music expertise to put together playlists to suit any crowds tastes.

That plus… look how many cups he can hold…

Event Planners

Emily Burgess

Event Planner

Emily is originally from Montana but has traveled and lived all over the world. Her passions are traveling and photography so running mobile photo booths is right up her alley! She is a firm believer that family and friends are what make events fun and memorable, and that nothing captures those events and people like a photo booth can. She loves making others events with family and friends the best that they can be.

Mandy Larsen

Event Planner

No one cares more about the successful outcome of your event than Mandy. Clients often say how happy and thankful they were to have Mandy help plan and coordinate their event. Mandy’s extensive experience and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction stands out like a diamond on black velvet.

She’s often considered an ‘anchor’ because she is able to keep others calm and relaxed during the most stressful parts of planning an event. Clients enjoy her kind personality and reassuring commitment to do anything it takes to make their event just perfect!

Nina Roach

Production Manager

If you’ve called Utah Jive in the past or plan on calling us soon, chances are you’ll be lucky enough to talk to Nina. Nina acts as Utah Jive’s Production Manager and helps our clients get their events booked on our event calendar. With an education in Marketing, Accounting & Event Planning, as well as her experience in hospitality, Nina is an expert in assisting customers and insuring our Utah Jive clients as well taken care of throughout the booking process. Nina has worked for Utah Jive since 2013, when her husband was stationed in Utah with the U.S. Army. After spending 3 years in the Provo area, Nina continues to assist our customers with their bookings from wherever the Army sends her family!