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Are you looking for Utah’s Top-Rated and Most Popular PhotoBooths? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Utah Jive PhotoBooths start at just $399 and are an excellent way to create lasting memories for both you and your guests. What sets our PhotoBooths apart from the rest you might ask? Check out just a few of the reasons why Utah Jive’s PhotoBooths make the perfect addition to any event:

Utah Jive PhotoBooths are:

  • PB EditBig. Jive Booths are designed to hold up to 12 people (our record is 15!). That’s at least twice as big as most other company’s teeny, tiny booths!
  • Fun. All of our PhotoBooths come stocked with a wide variety of creative props and a Professional Attendant to help keep the party going.
  • Unlimited. Utah Jive PhotoBooths come with Unlimited Prints! That means that everyone who wants a copy of their photo strip gets one. PLUS, we’ll print off an extra strip for your guests to place in a scrapbook at no extra cost. 
  • Elegant. Our booths will catch your guests attention, but not distract from your event. Whether your event is super formal or very laid back, our specially designed  PhotoBooths fit right in with any type of event.
  • Professional. Utah Jive PhotoBooths are accompanied by a knowledgeable member of our staff who will run the booth, print all of your photos, as well as help encourage your guests to participate.
  • Social. We’ll post the pictures of your event right to Facebook, where your guests can tag themselves and their friends.  
  • Memorable. At the end of each event we provide our clients a CD with archive quality HD images of all the prints from your event.
  • Customizable. Looking for that extra personal touch? Utah Jive PhotoBooths are customizable! Check out our Prop Box and Themed Box options HERE.

Inflatable and Open Air PhotoBooths coming in 2018! Give us a call for pricing and features!


Give our friendly staff a call at 801-742-1662 to learn more about our PhotoBooth availability and pricing!